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!! DogFish Blog !!

Tracking the evolution of the DogFish, from 2005 to present......

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The DogFish from 2005

The DogFish from 2006

The DogFish from 2007

The DogFish from 2008

The DogFish from 2009

The DogFish from 2010

Everybody loves the Fish!

DogFish Lighting

Changes for 2011
(click for larger view)

New improvements to hide and change appearance of the vehicle

New bubble eyes to hide appearance of windshield. Front PCV arched frame covered by pleated fabric. Skirt to cover front hood, grill and front sides.

Top shade canopy with new lighting will change flat surface sides. Canopy will extend over bar stools approx 5 ft. Side skirt with new lighting will extend to the end of the bar stool approx 2 1/2 ft and down to the playa.

Front will be covered from the fish heads to the playa, hiding the straight lines of the vehicle.
New canopy under construction to provide continuous shade above bar stools along both sides of vehicle, as well as changing the "flat look" of the vehicle. Lighting and shade fabric will cover this canopy and will be themed along with the rest of the vehicles dog/fish theme.
Mutations already added

8 foot wide jelly fish will be outlined with new red rope & elwire lighting, with fabric and rope light tentacles, with 2 flood lights (if necessary)

Bubbled fish eyes outlined with rope lights and elwire, changing the flat surface of the windshield

Things are already underway for the new-and-improved DogFish for 2011!!! We are adding and changing quite a bit from last years design, including a huge jellyfish on top, slides, wheel covers, and completely enclosing the sides with a blue metalic fabric, which will turn this bar into a giant fish, complete with huge fish-eyes!!! Check back here often for updates and to track our progress!!!

If you would like to see last years progress (2010), its still available here

*Update 5/1/2011* DogFish attends Earth Day 2011 held at Idlewild Park in Reno, NV! Thank you to all who stopped by to say hi, and to all the new faces we saw - we hope so see you out there on the playa this year!!

*Update 4/22/2011* Here are our latest pictures! More lights to come, plus many more decorations for our new jelly fish up top!

*Update 4/3/2011* Check out the new custom wheel covers! The more and more we get into this, the less and less this will look like a regular vehicle!

*Update 3/30/2011* The new JellyFish is starting to take shape! We'll be adding "tenticles" to this, as well as special lighting effects!

*Update 3/27/2011* New additions!!! Looks pretty funky, but out fish has some groovy new eyes!!! Many more things to come, stay tuned!

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